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Confectionery manufacturing

Confectionery products are quite popular food products, which are quite stable demand among consumers. Working at the food industry market for quite a long time, JSC "Vinnitsa plant fruit concentrates and wine" established a production and production of confectionery products in a wide enough range.

Thanks to the availability of modern technological lines, unique recipes and product quality control at every stage of production, confectionery products under the trade mark "Licorice Mriya" have always been distinguished by high demand and popularity.

Today the confectionery production of our company engaged in production of different cakes, cakes, pies, and also sweet cakes with fillings, known as флуден.

A distinctive feature of the confectionery products of the Vinnitsa plant of fruit concentrates and wines is that, apart from the immediate baking of various products in the quality of the ingredients is also used products of their own manufacture. Starting from simple water produced from own artesian well at the depth of 150 meters, finishing with different fruit-and-berry fillings.

This approach allows you to provide us with the necessary level of compliance of confectionery accepted norms and standards of the food industry, as well as to guarantee high taste quality of the baking.

In addition to the proposed today kinds of confectionery products, the product range is expanding everywhere. We are constantly in search of new formulations, working on implementation of new technologies, and we are guided by market trends in the regulation plan of the assortment. I.e. the proposal of the trade mark "Licorice Mriya" you can always find exactly the confectionery, which are in demand, when the are just very tasty and can be a decoration for any holiday table.

"Vinnitsa plant fruit concentrates and wine" is always open for cooperation and welcomes new partners interested in wholesale deliveries of production of confectionary production under the trade mark "Licorice Mriya".