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Fruit production

Fruit-and-ягодному production in the assortment of products of JSC "Vinnitsa plant fruit concentrates and wine" pays significant attention. Apart from the constant work on quality control of products, the company is engaged in introduction of new equipment and technologies. This allows different types of products, produced under the trade mark "Licorice Mriya" not only occupy prize-winning places on various exhibitions and competitions, but also to be constantly in demand of Ukrainian consumers.

Today the range of products of fruit and berries as well as production of our company is represented by the three main types of products.

Fruit-berry puree represent a product processing, which should keep maximum quantity of useful substances and vitamins contained in the original raw material. It is the criterion that the head of the corner with the release of Apple puree of the trade mark "Licorice Mriya". Ecologically pure raw materials, lack of chemical additives and concentrates allow you to use the company's products even for the feeding of young children.

Another popular product is the Apple jam. Controlling the quality of raw materials for the production of mashed potatoes, so we provide and the quality of the jam, which is produced by further processing of our mashed potatoes. In addition to the possibility of the use in finished form, Apple jam TM "Licorice Mriya" may be used as ingredients for the manufacture of confectionery, as an industrial way, and in the home kitchen.

The third direction of fruit processing is the production of Apple cider vinegar. In contrast to the more common regular table vinegar, Apple is more of a health product, allows to give the food a unique taste and nutritional characteristics. Yes, and the demand for Apple cider vinegar among the population has been steadily growing.

Our company JSC "Vinnitsa plant fruit concentrates and wine" has an extensive dealer network, which is engaged in the promotion and marketing of fruit and berry production. And we are always ready for a dialogue and establish cooperation with new partners.