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Marmalade - pastilnoe production

Marshmallow, fruit jellies,candies are one of the favorite delicacies not only for children, but also for many adults. Therefore, the company under the trade mark "Solodka mriya" has issued a wide range of marshmallows and marmalades, sweets with various flavors. All products are widely represented in retail chains and retail stores throughout Ukraine.

In order to receive high-quality products, it is necessary not only the availability of specialized equipment and the introduction of relevant technologies, but also a significant level of knowledge. The company "Solodka Mriya-Vinnitsa" has both the same and the other. But not only in the equipment and knowledge of our technologists, the secret of the popularity of the products of TM "Sweet Dream" is made. There are still such important components as the formulation, and the quality of the raw materials. Regarding the formulation, it depends on the correct choice of how the product will succeed, and it will taste to the consumer. The quality of the raw material is especially influenced by the taste and nutritional properties of the product. Our company buys raw materials only from certified suppliers, producing products in environmentally friendly regions and carries out quality control that meets our requirements.

Some ingredients are produced in general by ourselves. These are, first of all, various fruit and berry mashed potatoes, which are used in the manufacture of marshmallows, marmalades and sweets.