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Non-alcoholic production

Products under the trade mark "Licorice Mria", produced at the Vinnytsia plant fruit concentrates and wines, presented at once in several directions. One of the main is the production of various non-alcoholic products. The entire range of non-alcoholic products can be divided into three main components.

The first is the juices. Being an enterprise engaged in processing of fruit and berry raw materials, JSC "Vinnitsa plant fruit concentrates and wines" organized the production of the most popular in Ukraine and abroad kind of juice - Apple.

The second - kvass. Kvass is a traditional product of the fermentation without alcohol content. In addition, kvass from the trade mark "Licorice Mriya" is produced according to traditional recipes with the use of raw materials exclusively natural origin (rye flour, malt, etc.), which increases not only the consumer of the taste, but also makes it useful for health.

In all the production technologies, and not only related to the issue of non-alcoholic products, widely used water. The enterprise has its own well, which allows you to extract the pure natural water, of which lies at a depth of about 150 metres. In addition to their own production needs, our company delivers on the market of table water of the highest quality, and it is still one of the directions of non-alcoholic production of our company.

The entire range of non-alcoholic products pass thorough control at all stages of technological chain and fully complies with the required standards, the requirements to the products of this class. The average production capacity, as for the production of juice, as well kvass, is not less than 1 500 tons per year, which characterizes the manufacturer, as a large and powerful company.

OJSC "Vinnytsia plant fruit concentrates and wine" has been active on the market and ready to fruitful cooperation with wholesale buyers in the direction of supplies of any non-alcoholic products under the trade mark "Licorice Mriya".