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Since ancient times, a drink of our people is kvass. The raw material for its production was always rye, barley, corn, and to improve the taste add sugar or honey.
Today, these crops for specialized industries produce concentrate, which is the basis for making leaven bread. Kvass is a product of fermentation and is extremely useful properties for the human body.
These vitamins B1, B2, PP, E, and natural nabrodzhena lactic acid content of which in the finished product can range from 2.5 - 5.0 g/100sm3.

Vybrozhenyy kvass cooled in special tankers to to + 8o C and kupazhuyetsya sugar syrup to the dry matter content 5.4% - 6.0%.

At the request of the buyer leaven bread can pasteryzuvatys in special pasterizatorah. Shelf life of pasteurized kvass spilled in kegs is 10-12 days in a cool room.

Private Joint Stock Company "Vinnitsa factory of fruit concentrates and wines" TM "Sweet Dream" makes bread kvass under the requirements of ISO 4069 - 2002 by the above-mentioned technologies.

Today it is the natural b / beverage and fermentation is perfectly quenches thirst very well received by the human body from small children to the elderly. This is the leaven we propose to implement in all regions of Ukraine.